Welcome to Parent Power

Welcome to Parent Power

Welcome to Parent Power!

As Parents, and Grandparents, we want to prepare our kids for their lives as kids and as adults.  That takes Empowered Parenting.

These days, so many challenges, temptations and possibilities exist that they will be meeting…

Life Purpose

We all look at life purpose, don't we?  Human beings from the beginning of time have done that, and we still do.

It's a part of life, to figure out for ourselves what we are doing here, and what meaning our lives can have.

It is also about becoming older.  Desiging your life and living the life you want still apply in the older years!  Living healthy can need some adjustments as we age and our bodies, inside and outside, change.

This site is dedicated to empowering those who impact the budding lives of children and ourselves to become all they can be.  The way we do that, is by empowering Moms and Dads and Grands, to help these little ones grow and develop.

I hope you have a great time, looking around here.  Please be sure to let me know what your thoughts and ideas are.  I love interacting with my readers.




2 comments on “Welcome to Parent Power”

  1. ariel says:

    Hello Annie, I so like your giving space to the growing of our kids, through the generations. This is a space i will keep coming back to. In peace and gratitude, ariel
    ps. after all if we don’t leave our love what other legacy do we have?

    1. Thanks for your comment, Ariel. Our kids count for now and for the future, we so agree!

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