The Job Description Includes Creativity!

The Job Description Includes Creativity!

creativity and divergent thinking are sought after for job qualification todayOh no!
Does that make me out of luck?

 I am no artist, you say.  

We often get trained during our school years to be really good at the 3 R's. Those help a lot in our lives, yes?

We take tests well.  We know how to use our computers and do spreadsheets….We are pretty able.  But creative?  Well that got shut down for many of us years and years ago.

We stopped writing stories when we were 8.  Our teachers got us to write more and more about what we were reading and learning than about what we were experiencing or imagining once we reached 3rd or 4th grade.  After all, there were things we needed to learn and use.  And creativity dropped by the wayside.

We stopped drawing pictures in Junior High when our friends told us what complete amateurs we were.  Only the best of the best kept on with art.  And now they are starving artists, so pay back time!  Laugh at me, will you?

Now, since the early part of this 21st century, art has been re-recognized as a part of learning  It is a recognized part of academia.  I think that is a good thing.

But what about those of us who were raised and ‘educated' prior to this century?  SO many of us, left out of developing our creative innate ablities?  What do we do?  Can we become Design Thinkers, or have we just lost out?

If they are looking for this in companies, it is going to benefit you when you have your own home business, too.

Learn to Use Your Whole Brain and All Your Capability for Creative ThinkingGetting The Right Brain to Work Too

OK, there's a lot of controversy about right brain/left brain theory.  It was thought that when we developed one side, it took away from the other.  Now there is more thought that all of the brain kind of cooperates and is not divitded into cognitive versis creative thinking.

To me, that knowledge makes it even more important to develop the creative thinking aspect.

That was an area largely neglected for many years for me.

I planned.

I provided solutions.

I counseled people with their questions, problems and challenges.

I was in a job.

It paid my bills.   I had good relations with my customers.  I got paid.  Oh, I said that.

Job Satisfaction Comes From Using Your Whole Creative Design CapabilityI was not getting satisfaction!
I needed more.

So I went into my own business.  I bought houses in foreclosure and redeveloopd them and sold them to new buyers, all fixed up. no problems, beautiful instead of ugly and neglected.  There was a satisfaction – and profit  – in that.

What I realized was that I loved the creativity of taking a house with problems, solving them, making it into something special, and then sitting at the closing table with a buyer who loved their new home.

I got what creativity did for me.

I have grandchildren.  Yes, I have children, too.  But my grands are developing.   A couple of them really relate to my creative side.  I have started exploring painting and creating art.

One of my grands has told his teacher he wants to be an artist just like his Grannie.  He gets the joy. Perhaps not the impracticality, but the joy!

What I have come to discover is that it is not the artwork.  It is not the medium.  I recommend pursuing the art and the mediums…they are satisfying and mindful.  I highly recommend doing some creative art…I have a whole lot of information to help you get going.  Pastel and acrylic painting are easy to start, and build creative thinking acumen.

All that stuff we learned in school is congruent thinking.  Often linear.  Ir can limit us in our life and in our career design. It's a part of what you need, but limiting when it is the only way you learn to think.

Use Both Divergent and Convergent Thinking Processes to be Most Creatively MindfulTwo Ways To Look At Brain Activity

Divergent thinking is what companies are looking for more and more now.  Divergent thinking was a term coined in 1956. It is like brainstorming or thinking outside the box.  It is a talent companies are looking for.

The opposite is convergent thinking, which is more linear.  Often Divergent thinking is the beginning of a process to find a new solution.  Ideas are developed, and sometimes links between new ideas are found.  You can read more about this way of thinking in our Free Ebook Designing Your Life – get it on the upper right of this page.

Then convergent thinking takes over, as ideas are explored and tested.

We were trained a lot in convergent thinking in our schools.  Today more and more of education is geared toward also helping to develop divergent thinking too. Ideally, they work together for the best possible outcomes in business, and in life.

How do you learn to think divergently?  I can tell you it is not a matter of IQ.  A few characteristics of divergent thinking are a willingness to fail, curiosity, and stick-to-it-iveness.

These characteristics can be developed by pursuing creative art and writing.  Bubble maps and keeping a journal can help.

Learning Divergent Thinking With MeditationDivergent Thinking,  Meditation and Results

Meditation has been shown to open up the mind for improved divergent thinking results.  There have been tests done, as cited in the Harvard Business Review of August 2017, where it is clear that more and more varied results come as a direct result of practicing meditation.

The benefits of daily meditation on Design Thinking are so clear, that Goldman Sachs employees practice daily meditation pursuing creative thinking to enhance their work performance.  Many other companies are following suit.

This is a practice begun in the 70's but it did not take off in the US.  Instead, it moved to Japan and helped spur some of the product and economic boom that took place there at that time.

Build Your Creative Life for Creative Mindfulness to Design Your LifeHow To Build Creative Mindfulnesss

So adults today did not get some of the creative mindfulness training kids in some schools are getting today.  But we can bring it into our lives.  Practicing meditation is one way.  Another is to pursue your artistic development.  Journal.

Just become more mindful and aware in the little everyday things.  Take an example of doing your laundry  You can think about where the water came from, about the manufacture of soap, of how your muscles work as you move.

Use creativity and mindfulness in Planning a meal.

Be more aware of your body, seeking physical health and wellness by exploring new foods, by making sure you eat what your body needs, and by avoiding fast food, even “healthy” fast food like smoothies.  Make your own instead.

Practice Design Thinking in Your Life

The reason companies are seeking this design thinking ability is that it gets results.  You can get results in your life with Design Thinking.  Results in your relationships.  Results in your Family.  Results in the work you do.

What are you going to do today to practice Creative Design Thinking?






14 comments on “The Job Description Includes Creativity!”

  1. Michelle says:

    Hello there, Annie.
    Wonderful article about creativity. you are so right – we seem to have left creativity behind while we were growing up! I love your suggestion about meditation and the effect it can have our creativity. I love the example about the laundry – this so reminds me of mindfulness. Being aware in the moment. Yes, we truly need to go back to the beginning and relive and encourage our child-like creativity. It can sure do great things in our world if our minds are being replenished by our creative juices.

    1. Hi Michelle, can you imagine what effect it will have when we encourage our children to think mindfully! It is not only for us, but to pass on, yes?
      Thank you for visiting and for your comments!

  2. David Bishop says:

    A well thoughtful article that had my attention right through until the end. Pursuing your artistic development as you rightfully mention is what had worked for me, and is still producing the results today.

    We try so many things and never follow through, we need a stick to it attitude to see it through so that we can give it time to take its course with proper nutrients and care. Your description on brain activity can be challenging at times, but with meditation and divergent thinking, we can find our purpose. something we need to get ahead an be successful. Thank your for the inspiration and insights.

    1. Hi David, thank your for visiting and for your comments. As you note, there are several aspects to designing our lives: Health and physical care, business and career, creative mind development, family and love relationships including care of ourselves and family as seniors, and taking care of our brains and thinking. I wish you much success in your implementations!

  3. Lisa says:


    Divergent thinking was a term coined in 1956. Your post is actually the first time I’ve become aware of it. I have always tried to think outside the box. It is good to know that is a good quality. I’ve often thought of turning one of our spare bedrooms into an art room. Something about arts and crafts that relaxes the mind and really gets your creative juices flowing. Thanks for a very informative post.


    1. Imagine what that would be like, Lisa, to have your spare room as an art room. For yourself and your family. Put in a 3 D printer perhaps. They often pay for themselves many times over with what you can make with them!
      I cannot tell you enough about the joy, satisfaction and expansion of creative thinking that will result from pursuing both pastel and acrylic painting! Give it a try and let me know.
      What creative thinking are you applying to your diet and health? A very important part of taking care of your creative life design, don’t you think?
      And then there is the other aspect of life, what pays the bills. Because art rarely does that. How is your home business going? Have you replaced your job yet?

  4. Paul says:

    Dear Annie,

    Very detailed post on the importance of creativity.

    Happy to hear “What I realized was that I loved the creativity of taking a house with problems, solving them, making it into something special, and then sitting at the closing table with a buyer who loved their new home.” Great business woman you are.

    Got some new insights and need to focus on my creativity part and pay attention to it. Keep up the great work!

    Your Friend,

    1. Thank you for visiting, Paul. Isn’t it great that we can develop creative parts in our lives and it becomes an exercise program for our brain? That way, we get to use all our capabilities to explore and test out innovative ideas to design the business and the life we want.

  5. I love being creative. I read, write, and a few more linear things. But on the other hand, I knit, crochet, paint, draw and so many other creative things. I am finding I am using both of these properties in building my website for my online business.

    1. You got it, Brittaney. It takes both types of brain activity to get the most out of your thinking and the results you want in designing your life and your business. Great job!

  6. ariel says:

    Hello Annie, I so love coming to your site. It is always such a lift to the senses. And today was no exception. I think that when we step into our creative minds we allow the art of creation to fill and open spaces we did not even know existed. It is truly amazing. I also find ways each day to stay in total mindfulness and being present. I am thrilled this is being taught to our grandgifts too.
    In peace and gratitude, ariel

    1. Hi Ariel, I love how you name them grandgifts…they truly are. Even though art is named a major subject, it still often gets cut from strained budgets. Since it is so important for people of all ages, I have done a few posts on bringing more art into the home. Here is one on a home maker space, for instance. Thanks for visiting and for your kind comments~

  7. Veronica says:

    I’m grateful that as I was growing up, I had the balance of doing well in my studies as well of being able to allow my creative self to emerge.

    Although I did manage to maintain a healthy balance even as I approached adulthood, a few years ago, I found myself getting a bit lazy, no thanks to Netflix and Hulu!

    fortunately, wisdom intervened, and I decided to give myself a 2-book month reading challenge. There were a couple of months where it got a bit tight, but I managed to stick with my challenge all of last year and decided to continue it in 2018.

    engaging in creative mindfulness is not something that will “just happen”, we have to be deliberate in taking action.

    1. Hi Veronica, I love it! We need the discipline of exercising our creative side just as with our bodies.
      I know some really enjoy physical exercise, and many of us do it because it is good for us.
      With the creative side, it is just plain FUN! Still, it is too easy to let go, as you say.
      Thank you for sharing!

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