The ABC’s of CBD Oil…Review and Recommendations

The ABC’s of CBD Oil…Review and Recommendations

complete relief with non-narcotic CBD oil

relief with non-narcotic CBD

What is the BUZZ about CBD Oil?

There is more and more in the news – and controversy – today about medical marijuana, CBD,  what they are, and benefits for consumers.  From treatments for seizures like epilepsy to pain relief to heart health to improved sex drive, it seems we may have the absolute wonder drug – and CBD oil is both legal and available without any prescription.

Is this all too good to be true?

It is not!

And that is fantastic news for so many who are suffering with the ailments and symptoms that cannabidiol (CBD) can relieve – absolutely legally and without hallucinogenic effects!

As we age, we can get more and more aches, pains, and illness – much of which can be treated effectively with non-narcotic homeopathic CBD Oil.

  • Think about people you know who suffer from nerve pain.  People with shingles, for instance.
  • Most of us have known people who have gotten shingles, an outbreak and/or recurrence of the chicken pox virus, that causes intense nerve pain and disrupted life for many after age 50.  We have shingles vaccines that are available to help prevent this disease, but what if you got it…would you want relief from pain?  I know I would…
  • What about the other diseases and discomforts that research shows can be helped with CBD oil?
  • Degenerative nerve diseases like Parkinson's, Multiple Schlerosis and even Alzheimers are showing benefits.
  • Think about epilepsy and other seizure conditions…these affect children as well as adults.  What is there is a treatment that has non-opioid side-effects but helps control seizures?  Good news, folks…there is!
  • Think about uses for agitated, nervous or stressed-out pets, like dogs, cats and horses…
  • Used for Autism, ADHD, improved skin, aging, localized aches and pains

There are other benefits of CBD oil as well…from heart health, to nutrition, possibly to sex drive.  This is a drug – a natural plant-product – a chemical that we need to know about and evaluate for ourselves and others for the highest quality of life.

Read here about the ABC's of CBD Oil, a summary of the research, and sources to buy and use it safely and legally.

The 'Poison Laws' of the mid-1800's evolved into illegalizing marijuana and hemp

The ‘Poison Laws' of the mid-1800's evolved into illegalizing marijuana and hemp

The Big Blind – Marijuana and Hemp

Marijuana was introduced to the western world for its psychotropic effects (getting high) in 1839, and immediately was taken up in the United States.  It was called Indian Hemp, and not distinguished from other hemp plant until many years later. There are records of use back to 2-5000 BC for medicinal and psychotropic effects.

Marijuana became a favorite of the snake oil salesmen  who sold bottles of ‘tonic' all over the country.  It was a cottage industry with no regulation, no standards, no labeling.There are many stories of bored homemakers lying intoxicated on the drugs and alcohol combined willy-nilly in these tonics from the mid 1800's.

A movement grew up to regulate and ban, with poison laws, and hemp was included in the list of illegals in many states.  Criminalizing began in 1906.

In the 1930's a movement led by a few prominent government officials and industry leaders led to establishment of the Federal Food and Drug Administration and to making hemp production and sale illegal.  Whether it was a morally-convinced crusade by a few, or an economically-based movement by some who found hemp a product that competed with their product is not known or proven...allegations abound.  Stories of competition with the paper industry from wood pulp and with newly-invented nylon are rampant.

There is also the racial discrimination and economic argument about labor and immigration,with many Mexican and Oriental workers using marijuana for relaxation and as a part of their culture.

It was not known yet that hemp and marijuana were different…they got lumped together in the legislation.

Hemp was a major crop from the early colonization in the United States, used for its fibers.  It was one of George Washington's three major crops.

Both use and growth of hemp were taxed nationally in 1937, resulting in many farms failing.  The War on Drugs laws in 1970 made growing and using hemp and marijuana illegal.  Hemp growing was not made legal until 2016!

Why do I go into all this history?

Because for many, the distinction between hemp and marijuana still is fuzzy or non-existent.

It was not until the 1940's that the components of marijuana and hemp began to be identified.  First were CBN and CBD in the 1940's, but the structure of THC was not mapped out until 1964.

We have a history of ignorance about hemp and marijuana that is rapidly getting pulverized with abundant research and growing knowledge.

Both hemp and marijuana are cannabinoids, but only Marijuana contains the psychotropic chemical call THC.

Both Marijuana and Hemp are cannabis...only Marijuana is psychotropic

Both Marijuana and Hemp are cannabis…only Marijuana is psychotropic

The ABC's of Marijuana and Hemp

Today we know there are over 400 chemicals in cannabis plants, with more than 113 cannabinoids. This is very new information…completely unknown when legislation was passed in the 1930's and even in the 1970's.  The body of information about cannabis is growing exponentially.

We've all heard about the psychotropic effects – getting high – from marijuana.  Cannabis and hemp have stuck from past history as being synonymous terms for Marijuana…incorrectly. The truth is, marijuana is a subclass of cannabis plants, not the other way around.

Marijuana is the only one that contains more than 0.3 percent of THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol, the chemical that produces the high.  Marijuana plants contain up to 20% THC, which is 66 times more than hemp plants.  All cannabis plants contain CBD oil, which has been shown to counter and/or calm the effects of THC.

There is research and anecdotal evidence that there are some benefits of THC…that is not the focus of this post.  THC is not legal in much of this country, although the trend is growing for legalization…more about that in a minute.  You can do research and make decisions about your own use of THC and marijuana…this post is not an argument pro or con… What I am focusing on here is CBD oil.

Every other hemp plant, from the broader plant genus, contains CBD as well as other cannabinoids.  CBD and CBN have the most research done, having been identified in the 1940's, with more happening all the time on them and on THC.

Discovery of the body's internal receptors for cannabinoids (called the endocannabinoid system) has helped scientists understand more about how cannabinoids interact chemically in the body, and the results on the brain, as well as sexual organs and spleen.  Anecdotal evidence of benefits is being backed up by scientific research.  The fact base is growing.

As a result, the industry and its opportunities and its impact on health and well-being is exploding.  The industry is expected to grow almost 700% over the next 5 years, with about 25% or more of that CBD and its derivatives alone.  There is also growing interest reported among users of marijuana for medicinal purposes, who may switch to CBD products for treatment now that non-psychotropic alternatives that work are becoming available.  If you are interested in knowing more about the business opportunities that exist in CBD oil, please go here.  They are astounding!

research has been done on chemistry of CBD Oil with the body's own receptors

research has been done on chemistry of CBD  with the body's own receptors

Chemical Interaction in the Body

We have receptors, mostly in brain, sexual organs and spleen that interact chemically with the compounds in cannabis.  It's called our endocannabinoid system.  It's like our bodies are hard-wired for cannabis chemical interaction.

THC reacts with brain receptors.  That results in the high, temporary memory loss, temporary stress reduction.  There has been research showing benefits for sufferers of PTSD and other anxiety disorders.

CBD oil, or cannabidiol, has been shown to bind to receptors in most of the body's systems, and there is more being learned all the time.  There is no, repeat, NO, psychotropic effect from any of the other cannaboids in the cannabis family…only THC has that effect, and that comes from the marijuana plant only.

Here are some of the Research-backed effects of CBD oil:

  • CBD controlled epilepic seizures – 2012 paper from the British Epilepsy Assn
  • CBD relieves neurological degenerative diseases like Alzheimers, Parkinsons and Multiple Schlerosis- 2006 research results
  • CBD provides Pain relief  – (THC helps here too, but CBD is good alone).  A 2015 study showed benefits in combo with opioid pain treatment, and reduced negative effects of the opioids
  • CBD Anti cancer benefits – research demonstrates a slowing of tumor growth in many cancer types including breast, lung, prostate and colon- tumors are harder to grow, CBD oil causes cancer cell death, and tumor shrinkage
  • antiinflammatory -the CBD chemical binds with receptors in the body to reduce nerve inflammation
  • Mood, anxiety and stress disorders.. PTSD studies show helps reduce impact of bad memories  2013 study

Is it Legal?

There is a trend for more and more legalization…

At this point, the legal status of hemp-derived CBD is that it is probably legal all over the United States.  There are 2 states – Nebraska and Idaho – where the law is unclear.  Medical  marijuana has now been made legal in all but 4 states, without restrictions in all but 17.  Restrictions are variances in the permitted THC levels, ranging from 0.3 to 8%.

As an aside, Recreational Marijauna is legal in 8 states as of 2018:  Alaska, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington.   These stats were gather and presented in the Jan 2018 study results found here.  What are the Differences Between CBD and THC?

Safe, organic, non-GMO, US-grown and made CBD Oil products from CTFO

Safe, organic, non-GMO, US-grown and made CBD Oil products from CTFO

It Seems to Have Real Benefits…What Sources are Safe?

This is a really good question.  Production of CBD products is only self-regulated.

US-produced seems the very safest.  To get yours from 100% organic, non-GMO makes sense to me…I'm sure you agree.

This company, based in Colorado, grows and produces CBD products that range from CDB oils to capsules to topical creams to products for your pets.  Get non-narcotic pain-free today.  Get relief from seizures.  Get safe pure CBD oil here today.

Please let me know about your journey of health with comments below.

Cbd Oil Anxiety

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  • ariel says:

    Hello Annie,
    Thank you so much for clearing up the difference between so many questions as to the use of CBD oil. As one who has truly had their life changed by it.. I know what phenomenal medicine this is.
    And as a business, opportunity, welp I don’t think there is anything that is growing as quickly as this industry. So to have the opportunity to get involved now is beyond spectacular.
    Great article.
    IN peace and gratitude,ariel

    • Thank you, Ariel, for your comments and for your testimonial. I am so thankful that this product has worked so well for you.
      I agree that this is an amazing product, and an incredible business opportunity! Now is the time to jump in with both feet!


  • Sue says:

    Hi Annie,

    This is, by far, the most thorough article on the difference between THC and CBD. Thank you for making this all so very clear.

    All the best,

    • Hi Sue,
      Thank you for your kind remarks…I have some folks with illness and its physical and emotional pain in my family…learning the difference was very important to me, and I am happy to share what I’ve learned.

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  • CBD oil is derived from hemp plants;related to but not the same as marijuana plants.  I got more information on the differences here.  It is a homeopathic remedy for many conditions, including effective, compassionate treatment of pain and anxiety.

  • AlanJE says:

    Hi, This is a very informative post. There needs to be a lot of education to communicated the benefits of CBD, and this post is very helpful in that regard, Alan

    • Thanks, Alan. I am so eager to help people know about CBD Oil…the old anti-drug misinformation about it still permeates much of our culture. People so need to know what a great resource this product is for so many of life ailments, aging and comforts!

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