Review- The Best Art Supplies Storage Cabinet

Review- The Best Art Supplies Storage Cabinet

The Best Art Supplies Storage Cabinet is a Teacher's Pet

What if there is an efficient, good-looking, portable piece of furniture for small spaces that you could use as an art supplies storage cabinet in your home?  Well, good news – there is!  This station has been voted a teachers' favorite.

Unlike cobbled together art teacher carts with plastic tubs and piles of papers all over the place, perfectly usable and appropriate for the classroom, this art supply storage cabinet is suitable for your home.

artist supplies storage solutionWhat Do You Need for your Home Art Supply Storage?

Most of the art storage units are manufactured for school use.  Art teachers in the schools, until High School and College, rarely have a room dedicated to art.

As a result, they need to be able to have portable art carts to take from class to class, filled with the materials needed for that day's lesson plan.

We who are creating art in our homes, also without a dedicated studio, get to benefit from what art teachers have developed to meet their needs.

But most of us do not want something that looks like this in our homes:

While it is neatly ordered, it is out for everyone to see all the time.  Dinner parties, friends stopping over for a snack, pets…and neither is something like these a good solution for most of us.

solutions for ugly art storage

Who wants a cardboard box, or a typical teacher cart in your living room!   Filled with plastic trays and buckets?


Think About Usage

First you will want to think about how you use your art materials.  The idea is to have a place where you can keep things organized.

Let's talk about painting right now.

If your medium is pastel painting, you need a place to keep your boxes of pastel chalks where they will not spill out, or get broken.  Ideally where you can also keep them sorted by color and value for ease of use.

For watercolor, oil and acrylic paintings, you want to keep your brushes in a safe place, where they will not get crushed or pressed and misshapen.  I like to keep my paints and rags together, easy to get hold of.  Mediums and thinners are good to keep nearby as well.

I like to store a drop cloth with my paints, and jars for water and thinners.  Soap and water containers stay under the sink, not with the art supplies.

Indoor/Outdoor Painting

My home art studio storage is for indoor work.  I want something easily accessible.  I want to be able to locate exactly the paint or tool I want when I am creating a piece of art.  I also want to be able to store things away neatly and securely and out of sight when I am done.

For plein air painting, I have a paint box in which I put my intended supplies for the day, and a portable easel that has a tray.  I store those in my paint closet and pull them out, and outfit them from my main supply area.

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The Art Cart – Best Solution I Have Found

Best Art Cart for best art supplies storage cabinet solutions

Best Art Cart for best art supplies storage cabinet solutions

The Art Cart, interestingly made by Best, is the best art supplies storage cabinet solution I have found.

It is made of hand-rubbed smooth sturdy oak, as a handsome cabinet.  It has two doors with brass piano hinges and a magnetic catch to keep it closed when you are done with your art.  Inside are two shelves and a pullout drawer, lots of room and options for efficient and effective storage of all your Paints and Brushes and other supplies.

It is made with craftsman quality joints, designed to last for many years.  The edges are sanded so they are safe for children and pets.  It is a fine piece of furniture!

Here are the dimensions:

Base 36″ wide x 24″ Deep

Height 41 1/4″

The drawer is 33 1/4″ x 21 1/4″ x 3 1/4″, deep enough to hold your flat items, not so deep things get piled up and ruined, or hard to find.

For teachers lucky enough to have an art cart like this, the Best Art Cart has been voted a teacher favorite.

Are You Lucky?

Are you lucky enough to have one of these?  Is your pursuit of art worth the investment?  I put enough into both my art supplies and into my painting activity that I find it worthwhile!  What about you?

Your art supplies can get pretty costly.  Pastels can get crushed or break if not kept securely.  Brushes can too.  And I want them neatly away when I'm not using them.

And, if you're like me, you want them when you want them.  When I'm ready to paint, I want to grab everything I need and get to work.  If it is not handy and organized, I am going to waste my painting time getting set up.  I'm pretty busy, and my painting time is precious to me.  It's worth having a good storage cart to help me.

I am worth it!  Are you?

Get your art storage cabinet, and protect your art supply investment!

art supplies storage cabinet




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Published by Annie Collyer

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  • Katie says:

    I’m a preschool teacher without a lot of storage space in my classroom so this would be perfect. That wood finish is beautiful and would match all the other furniture in my room. I really love the shallow drawer on the bottom which would be great for paper storage. Do you know if they offer teacher discounts like some supply stores do?

    • Hi Katie, and thank you for visiting.  I have looked all over that and other sites and see no teacher discounts offered.  The discounts are already so steep for everyone that I doubt they do anything further.  I believe you find the teacher discounts more in retail stores, don’t you?  Not being a teacher, perhaps you can guide me a bit?  I wish you the best!

  • Francine Webber says:

    My art room would benefit with a supply cabinet
    I have a room dedicated for my art and art supplies but right now everything is on top of my art table. I love the look of the stylish oak cabinet. I was wondering if the cabinet comes in a larger size?

    • No, it does not.  Perhaps if you combine with a storage closet or chest? If you do not need to have one that you can move about,
      perhaps one from Amazon might work for you. You can also install some kitchen cabinets to use.

      Blick Art Materials has a few taborets (including flat work surface with storage) that are larger, and of course cost more (about $1200) Some come with a stand up easel option.

  • jeffrey16201 says:

    I enjoyed your article and found it very interesting and motivating, I am one of those people who have their supplies all thrown into a box or two which prevents me from being as productive taking much of my time hunting for what I am looking for.

    I like the products you shared in your article today, both would improve my life in finding what I need quicker so I can be more productive.

    • I am so glad I can help you, Jeffrey.  Having things thrown into a box can not only frustrate finding what you want or need, but it can result in damage to your supplies and brushes, and loss of your investment value.  Thank you for visiting.

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