Nurturing Parenting Program for Kids Best

Nurturing Parenting Program for Kids Best

Parents want the best for their kids and this nuturing parenting program trains nurturing intelligence and abilities to help you do just that

This child- equipping course helps you nurture your kids in the best possible, just what you want most

A Nurturing Parenting Program to Empower Your Children to be the Best Parents Possible

I want to tell you about a great parenting series for you and your children.  It's a course that gives parents the tools to help them do the best possible job to empower their children to become all they can be.

Course Description- imagine if you had had this help when you were raising your kids!

Course Description- imagine if you had had this help when you were raising your kids! Instead of just On-the-job training.

The only training we usually get is what our parents did, or sometime what we saw others doing.  That can be pretty good, certainly.  But there are challenges kids face today that did not even exist when we were kids. I want to tell you about some great additional training you will want to check into.

Is what you know right now all that you need or want?  On-the-job training works pretty well, but is ‘pretty well' good enough for your kids?

Our responsibility as parents and grandparents is to help these kids of ours grow to adults who will lead whole and fulfilling lives.  The challenges seem to grow exponentially day by day for kids these days. A moms-and-dads-training program that enhances supporting and equipping our children is what will most benefit them.

 Parenting is a huge responsibility.

I get that most of us are really mindful of how big a responsibility it is.  Most of us are not so embroiled in our own ego defense mechanisms that we resist getting the additional training in being the best possible parents with the help of a nurturing parenting program that will most benefit our children.  Most of us KNOW we're not perfect, and are willing to learn more and grow to be better than we are inherently…

  • What if we get it wrong?
  • What are the risks?
  • What are the challenges?

Kids who don’t learn amazing coping skills at home are at risk of failure in every aspect of their lives.  They can get frustrated with schoolwork, decide they just aren’t good enough, and that the way for them to be successful is to be the class clown, or just to accept failure as the norm for their young lives.

Even kids from the most high-functioning and loving homes meet challenges that can overwhelm them, on the outside.  How can we make sure we provide the support they need?  The challenges on the outside of our homes are really tough, and getting tougher.

We want our child  to feel safe and secure about who and what he is, confident that he is loved, and to choose to be outstandingly successful and caring at school, or work, or play.

The fact is we don't control how things go outside the home.  We don't control how other kids act, or even how other adults impact our kids.  Some of us have old tapes from our own upbringing that can play to keep us from being all we can be, and that is a subset of challenges to best parenting.  But even with the best and most high-functioning life experiences, there are challenges kids face today that we may not be prepared to help with.  

Childhood depression is a huge factor today, sadly.

Opioids are abundant.  Kids who are depressed can get into self-destructive behaviors that can impact them their whole lives.

What if there is something you and your kids can do, to get extraordinary skills with a nurturing parenting program?

New Moms and Dads can thrive with parenting practices with this nurturing parenting program

New Moms and Dads can thrive with parenting practices with this nurturing parenting program

What if you can take an online course with 4 Expert Speakers

that will teach you

  • How to have Secure Bonding for emotional wellbeing for your kids
  • How to Coach and Discipline children to help them become fully functioning adults
  • How to develop Healthy Practices around Technology

I want to tell you about and encourage you to get this 4 hour and 45 minute online Parent Empowerment Training.  For only $49.99 you can be empowered to help your children become all they have the potential to be.


Parenting Styles

Nurturing parenting is a balanced parenting style, with both high structure and high responsiveness. Children who have parents empowered to be nurturing tend to thrive both socially and functionally.  You can give them what they need.

Problem solving and conflict resolution begins very early in childhood.  Whether it is saying no to a parent, or dealing with siblings or other children, your children will have learning opportunities.  When you exercise balance and good role-modeling, they learn ways to deal with problems for their lives.  The alternative will be that they learn to pout, or cry, or even act out aggressively to solve problems when they are older.

Grandgift on the way? What a gift to give to the new parents!

Grandgift on the way? What a gift to give to the new parents!

How important being a parent who feeds and gives safe spaces, to help our kids grow and develop!

There are really only four main styles of parenting, all infused with different inflections of the parents' personalities.  There is the uninvolved, laissez-faire style.  To an extent, this is a form of child neglect.  The children who emerge usually lack self-esteem and feeling loved.  Because they haven’t had parents who are there for them, they can have trust issues.  There is a lot of emotional harm that results from uninvolved parents.

The other three styles are all involved in different ways.  They are authoritarian, permissive and empowered.

Authoritarian parenting involves high levels of structure, with clear rules and expectations, and clear understanding of consequences if the rules are broken.  Teens know their curfews.  Children know when it is time to do homework or go to bed.  Authoritarian parenting usually means there’s no room to bend the rules from time to time.  Kids know where they stand and what are the expectations, but they don’t feel they get heard, or that their feelings matter.

Permissive parenting has few rules and standards.  Basically what the kids want is what goes.  This carries with it an insecurity of having few if any boundaries or standards.

With all three of these styles, kids can feel unloved, and lack self-esteem.

The fourth is a balance between these styles, with the exception of being uninvolved.  Being uninvolved is out.

We call this fourth style nurturing parenting.  With this, there’s a balance of structure and emotional responsiveness.  The voices and emotions of the children can be heard.  There can be some negotiation on rules.  Firm expectations are in place, but there can be room for a special event that takes place after the normal bedtime, for example.

Parents have the final say, giving a security to the kids that someone besides them is in control.

The result for kids raised in this atmosphere is stability and confidence.  There is less conflict.

Children with this kind of parenting tend to do well socially and functionally in life. They tend to not get into problems and not to have serious emotional problems.

This type of parenting is balanced, and produces balanced children.  Can you see the benefits of taking a nurturing parenting program to enhance and expand on what you already know?  Can you see how that can help your children parent in the best possible way?

Isn’t being empowered through a nurturing parenting program exactly what parents  want?

I encourage you to order this course today!  For only $49.99, you can get your hands on training that can expand your life and the lives of your children, by empowering you and them as a parent and as grandparents.

For $49.99, you can be empowered to nuture your children and grandgifts to become whole, emotionally healthy, fully functioning adults.

What you do is to click on this link, and place your order today.   The Parent Resource Center will send you your course by return email.  You and your partner, and your own children and their partners, can get right into taking the training, and implementing best parenting practices together.

Place your order now.

how to help kids grow to be successful

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Published by Annie Collyer

Annie is a mom of four, a business owner and blogger. She and her husband live in New Hampshire, where they are both active volunteers in their community school district. She writes about designing our lives with proven design thinking principles. Join her in creating the life we each want.

  • John says:

    This seems like a great program, my kid is in his teens. I have been more of an authoritative parent. As he gets older I have let him make some of his own decisions, not always the best. His failing at some things has taught him a great deal. He is advanced in scouting and I think this has helped him mature a lot faster.
    Technology is one area that I see that kids could use a lot of help, not depending on it for everything.
    Do they teach how to regulate time in this course, without causing a war.

    • Hi John, Technology boundaries is a big issue these days. Yes, they definitely address that. It’s one of the newer and growing challenges for parents. We really don’t want to raise our families to sit around the table at dinner and text one another instead of talking, do we?
      Thanks for visiting!

      • John says:

        No electronics with dinner. We have also set aside family time that no electronics are allowed. Knowing when these times are in advance leads to less problems with the younger ones.

  • Eliane says:

    I wish that this balanced empowered parenting training existed (or that I had known about it) 20 years ago when my first daughter was about to be born.

    Like most parents, my husband and I had to learn from our mistakes. I’m sure it would’ve been much easier if we had been able to prepare ourselves beforehand.

    • Hi Elaine, I agree with you about how much a course like this may have helped. Parenting is a tough job, and it seems to get harder everyday, with the world the way it is. I raised mine longer ago than you, they made it, and I think a course would have helped. New parents and those just planning families would really benefit from this! Thanks for visiting!

  • Tara says:

    Hi Annie. I agree that it is important to find balance in parenting. To not be fully authoritarian or fully permissive, I have great kids (almost grown up now), they stay out of trouble and that allows them to have quite a bit of freedom/lee-way. I’m not sure how much is genetics how much is environment — either way, it sounds like this course is a great resource to help parents find that balance.

    • Hi Tara, That’s so great that your kids are almost raised and ready for adulthood. You know the challenges you had…I had them years ago with mine. Today there are more and more, and they are accelerating. How great for parents today to have a resource like this in this very difficult world! I am thankful for them!

  • Glenys says:

    I agree that by raising empowered children we have a great chance of raising powerful and empowered adults (no guarantees though). I agree that many parents have a pretty tough job. Lots of parents are single parents and juggling full time work and raising children. It is tough fitting everything into the day. I agree that even children from well functioning homes can face challenges that might be overwhelming for them. One example that is very topical in our house is computers and “chat rooms” and playing online games with strangers. Learning who is a friend and who is not to be trusted on the internet is a lifelong challenge. I can understand how childhood depression is on the rise.

    • Hi Glenys, Yes, you are so right there are no guarantees at all. That means increasing the odds is the best practice, don’t you agree? Technology boundaries and awareness are very important, and very challenging to get family cooperation with.
      Thanks for visting!

  • Steven says:

    Hi Annie,
    We didn’t have these resources when my daughter was growing up sadly. Of all the things we did to be good parents, I believe that having dinner together every night was the most important. And, yes dinner was always a technology free zone. I think it made all the difference and we have a wonderful 23 year old daughter to prove it. Her mother and I couldn’t be prouder of her and her accomplishments.

    So, most importantly talk with your kids is what I learned. Get to know them as people and enjoy the uniqueness that each brings to your family and the world.

    • It is so great that your daughter came through with flying colors. I know we all want that for our kids. Somehow most of them turn out just fine, no matter how much parents screw things up sometimes! I guess my thought is, Steve, if there is an aid for under $50 that can help you do a better job than you would winging it on your own, is it worth it? It can cut risks and that’s what we want…we will always try, always hope, and always do our very best.
      Thanks for visiting and for your thoughts.

  • Paul says:

    Dear Annie,

    Thanks for the great post. Very detailed information and I learned about different styles of parenting. Parenting is a great art and we need to learn it and we need to practice it. Thanks again for the great article.

    Your Friend,

    • Hi Paul,
      It is an art…even great artists continue to take lessons to get better and better, rather than just practising on their own, trying to get it right, don’t you think. Parent Empowerment is a resource that will prove valuable for many.
      Thanks for visiting!


  • Glenys says:

    This is a great post on empowering parents to be as nurturing as possible. This really is the best way for them to get the tools and resources that they need to be better parents. Unfortunately we are not all perfect, all the time. As parents we can be tired and emotional and sometimes we can get frustrated with children. Children can also get tired and emotional and get frustrated with their parents as well. It is good for all parents to have some training to help parents with empowerment so that they can do more and be more for their children. I think less for those whose kids are almost out of the home than for new or newer parents. It is great that this course caters helps parents to find the balance in styles of parenting – neither authoritarian nor permissive, but empowered to be nurturing. I was just wondering which style are you?

    • Hi Glenys,
      Thank you for visiting and for your comments. As one who has completed my child raising and now can occasionally impact my grandgifts, as a friend of mine has shown me to call these precious people, I can look back. At this point in my life I am definitely empowering to my grands and to my kids as parents. I have gained a lot of wisdom over the many years (!) and I truly wish I had had more of that when I was raising my own kids in my 20’s and 30’s. Naturally, I gravitated toward an empowering style, but there were many times that I teetered off that balance into one or the other extreme. Had I had this training, I think it would have helped my awareness and self-checking and given me more and better tools to help my children become all they can possibly be. Fortunately, in muddling along without this, they have turned out to be fabulous! And I am deeply grateful. I think my Infinite Intelligence filled my gaps for me.
      Were I starting over now, I would have wanted this course in my arsenal.
      Warm wishes,

  • Orion says:

    Looks like an interesting and very useful program here, I wish I had had it when I was starting out as a young mother.

    I guess now will have to wait until I am a grandma – and then will be able to offer this to my own children for their parenting.

    Yes, parenting is the only job that comes without a degree or course of any kind, most of us either do what our parents did, or did exactly the opposite if we are strong enough to stand up and say NO to “bad” parenting.
    Having a program like this is a gem to have. Lets hope people use it well.
    All the best – Orion

    • Thank you for visiting, Orion. I so agree with you. To have a course that helps us be the best possible parents instead of just hoping for the best would have been a great gift for me as a young mom. I hope it helps many because our children deserve the best possible.

  • minecraft says:

    I got this website from my pal who informed me regarding this web site and now this time I am browsing this web site
    and reading very informative posts here.

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