The Art of Meditation and Mindfulness Living Strategies

The Art of Meditation and Mindfulness Living Strategies

Aware awake and in a state of meditation and mindfulness living

Quiet Awareness in a state of meditation and mindfulness

Meditation is quieting your mind.

Meditation is taking a mental and emotional timeout to heal your psyche and your spirit.  Practicing the Art of Meditation and mindfulness living strategies can help you take control over your mind and your spirit and your life, instead of letting life and its circumstances control you.

As the pace of life accelerates geometrically if not exponentially, it becomes more and more necessary to take a mindfulness time for space and healing.  But how do you slow yourself down enough to create that time of mindful meditation?  There are many time-honored methods that I am going to review here.

Do you want to get started right away?

Go here for a free E-Book I have a free MP3 Meditation for you to try out here.

simple mindfulness meditation practice breathing

Being Aware comes from meditation and mindfulness living

Simple Breathing Technique

One technique to get started with mindfulness meditation is to find a quiet space set aside, with few distractions.  Sit with your hands in your lap and your feet on the floor and close your eyes.  Take a deep breath, being mindful only of your breathing.  In through your nose then out through your mouth.  Put your tongue on your pallet, the roof of your mouth, just behind your front teeth.  Take another deep breath in and out, counting to 4 as you breathe in, hold for a count of two and then breath out slowly, counting to 4.

All this counting and breathing helps you to have focus on something that has no meaning to you.  It gives your mind something to help it quiet down.  If thoughts pop into your mind, notice they are there, and let them pass through.  Let them go.

Do this breathing exercise 10 or 20 times, slowly.  Let your mind breathe in nature and love and beauty for a few quiet minutes.

You may want to sit and rest in that space for a few more minutes, or you may want to get up and go.  Ten minutes of quiet is a good place to start a meditation and mindfulness living strategy.  If you cannot last that long, then accept what it is, pat yourself on the back, and plan to come back the next day.

the art of mindfulness meditation exercise is simple and natural

Meditation Can Be a Simple Natural Path

Meditation is not complicated.

It is very simple.  Mindfulness meditation is just a matter of doing.  People say, I don't know how.  Meditation and mindfulness living is not a matter of knowing how, it is a matter of practice.  After a few days or weeks of steady practice, you will hardly remember when you did not know how.

Mindful meditation is so simple and yet has so many benefits, that it can be hard to believe such a simple thing can really make a difference.  But it can!  Go here to learn more about meditation.

Have you tried mindfulness meditating before and then just stopped?  Maybe for a day or two but did not get into a steady habitual rhythm?  That happens to a lot of us!

As we get into our later years, it can get easier since there are often fewer distractions from kids, jobs, carpools, schedules…what a great time to get started on this practice!

The thing is, it won't happen by itself, will it?  Like everything, to begin a new habit, you need to start deliberately, and then keep it up.

Setting aside a time of day for giving yourself that quiet space  can help you form a good habit of mindfully meditating each day.  Perhaps it will be while your coffee is brewing?  Or after the school bus leaves. Of in the evening before you go up to bed. Find what works for you.

sitting postures for meditation

Be Comfortable in Your Minful Meditation

How do you sit?

There is no reason to make yourself sit cross-legged on the floor unless that is the most comfortable for you to have a quiet focused time. Sitting in a comfortable chair is great.  Lying on the floor or a couch or in your bed can work, too, as long as you don't fall asleep.

How long?  As I said, a few minutes to start is fine.  Studies show that a ten-minute quiet time is great for your mind, body and spirit,  with both chemical and physiological benefits.

mindfulness and meditation at the beach

Use Nature to Help You Mindfully Meditate

Other Ways to Mindfully Meditate

I find taking a walk in the woods can be very mindfully meditative.  I love a walk along the shore, with waves undulating, the sand under my feet.  I like listening to guided meditations sometimes, or guide myself by sitting by the shore and hearing the sound of waves gently rattling rocks along the beach.  Preparing a meal can become a meditation when you allow yourself to be mindful of what you are doing.

Another way I mindfully meditate is with my painting.  I can spend many quiet and peaceful hours working on a painting and I find the whole experience calming and connecting with the Infinite.

breathing in nature and love in mindfulness meditation

Mindful Meditation to Connect With All That Is

What other benefits are there?

For me, mindful meditation is time to connect with the universe around me.  I am aware that all that is around me is energy.

Einstein discovered that e=mc2.  Actually what he really discovered is that m=e/c2.  All matter is just energy divided by the c times itself.  C is the speed of light.  That means that all matter is made of energy in motion.

We know from high school science classes that everything is composed of tiny particles with space that is charged with energy between it.  The less substantial something is, the farther apart the particles are.  That is why you can see through the air for instance.

When I mindfully meditate I am seeking to feel and notice the unity of my energies with that of the world around me.  The world I see in nature, the world I feel in Spirit.  I believe in an Infinite Intelligence as taught by most religions throughout the ages.  You may call it God or Christ or Allah or Krishna or Great Father.  I do not believe Infinite Intelligence is personified, but I do not care if you assign it a gender and a personality.  I do believe It is Love, and we probably agree on that.

I seek in my meditation to unite with that Spirit of Love, to invite it to be active within me, to bring healing to my mind, body and spirit, to help me to become my best and highest self.  I raise my vibrations in mindful meditation, so that I can hear what Spirit wants to teach me in my innermost subconsciousness.

I find joy and peace and healing by being in that place.  I love the vibration and awareness of inviting Spirit to activate within me.

I can also manifest almost anything I want powerfully with a mindfulness meditation.  Do you want the power to manifest what you want?  Family life. School success.  Career success. Loving Relationships.  I volunteer for my local school system.  We have been working on improving education for kids in the District.  Amazing things are being manifested right now!

mindfulness meditation benefits for children

Benefits of Mindful Meditation for Kids

Meditation for Kids and Parenting

Because I am a Mom and a Grannie, I cannot leave such an important subject without touching on mindfulness meditation for kids:  This is growing for them, too.

Imagine if mindful meditation is so good for adults to help them find the calm in the storms of life, how wonderful for children in their lives.  More and more children are feeling anxiety in our society.  It could be the constant barrage of electronics all around them..I think that is a contributor.  It could be the pressures to grow, learn and achieve are growing greater and greater.  Read about some resources for kids here.

Whatever the cause,  while parents try and try to get it just right, the kids can use tools to help them steady their courses in life.  See some ideas for parents on this post.  

Mindfulness and Meditation can add so many great benefits to your life.  Get the free EBook and MP3 linked on this page.  If you are ready to really dig in and take Meditation seriously, here is the Meditation Mastery Course.  Learn how to mindfully  meditate.  How to take control over your life.  How to manifest wealth and health and success that matches your dreams and aspirations. $47.00 is so little for so much.

meditation and mindfulness living

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Published by Annie Collyer

Annie is a mom of four, a business owner and blogger. She and her husband live in New Hampshire, where they are both active volunteers in their community school district. She writes about designing our lives with proven design thinking principles. Join her in creating the life we each want.

  • Craig says:

    Such a nice post,

    I have wanted to “learn” to meditate for a long time now and I really like how you lay out the concepts here. I tend to over-complicate things, and keep thinking there must be more to it than what I have come across. I would always ask “Where are the years of study to comprehend the ‘real’ secrets?”

    In 2018 I am making a renewed effort to improve myself mentally and physically, and that will include meditation. I think one of my biggest issues will be related to what you said about not falling asleep; if I sit still too long I tend to nod off, but I think that’s because I always think that meditation requires a longer period of time, like half an hour. If I can do the exercise 10 or 20 times as you suggest, that will hopefully work better for me.

    • I hope you do, Craig. It is such an amazing and amazingly simple practice with many benefits to balance the hectic lives we sometimes lead. I am grateful I can help motivate you! Have a great 2018, and thank you for visiting.

  • Tania Herselman says:

    Your mindful and meditation strategies offer simple and easy techniques. A great way to refocus from our hectic digital techno world.

    • That is so completely true, Tania. Our technology is great, in its place. We do need the balance of giving our minds and spirits rest and relaxation. Kids have the same needs. We can help them build healthy meditation habits. Please see this post with some recommendations for parents to help kids relieve early childhood stress.

  • ariel says:

    Oh Annie, I felt like I had just walked in to my home. Such a lovely site and this article is so lovingly familiar to me. I also meditate daily, through sitting, walking and just being. I also know that everything is a wave and a particle. It is energy. And that we are all composed of energy. So what we are really seeing is the perception rather than the reality. grin…
    When I sit, I am so present and in tune with the Universe I literally feel that I am indeed that expansive energy. And my reason for living, my religion so to speak is love and compassion grace and service. So I truly hear you in and your heart in this post.
    It was truly so lovely. I felt like we were sitting together and sharing our energy.
    Meditation is my recommendation for everyone, It is the mental health we are all wanting. It is the deepest inner truth we are searching for.
    I am so delighted to hear that it is now being taught in many schools, In fact even in preschools. What a fabulous life skill to start our kids off with,yes?
    Did I mention how much I really like your site? Thank you! In peace and gratitude, ariel

    • Thank you for these lovely and loving comments, Ariel. I feel much the same when I read your work. I am truly excited that kids today are being raised with these skills. It gives so much hope for our world. It is said if we get to a critical mass (only a few percent of total population!) of peacekeepers, we will have world peace. I wish you peace, Ariel.

  • Lisa says:


    I like your idea of taking a walk in the woods. I always find that getting outside for some fresh air and taking a walk is so relaxing. There is something about being outside, the sights, smells and the sun shining that rejuvenate the soul. I am coming from a Christian perspective, so for me the meditation is on the Word of God. Certain scriptures when I meditate on them bring peace. I appreciate your insightful post.


    • Hi Lisa, I so agree with you about being in nature as a meditative experience. I also agree that Christian scripture is one that can provide peaceful and insightful resonance within my Spirit. Thank you for visiting and for your sharing.

  • Brittaney says:

    Meditation is a great balance. I use it to help balance my moods when I am in a hypermanic state. I do not meditate every single day though. Maybe I should add that into my routine. Thank you for the guidance!

    • I am glad you know the benefits of meditation, Brittaney. It isn’t something like a rule to follow, to do every day, but meditation can be a great go-to place on a regular basis. Even a few minutes gives a refocus and steadiness to the day. Thank you for visiting.

  • Paul says:

    Dear Annie,

    Wow great post and I got some new insights when I read that what Einstein was mostly concerned with was what matter is made of up. He came up that it is just ‘energy in motion”! this is great. I had always thought, based on the formula, that his main concern was energy. It gives a completely new perspective to learn that his focus was on the energy itself and how it becomes something we see with our physical eyes. Just energy in motion. Thanks!

    Your Friend,

    • Yes, I agree, Paul. It is pretty cool to realize that the chair I am sitting on, and my computer, have physical form that is completely due to the rate of the energy vibration within them.

  • Sue Dixon says:

    Hi Annie I’ve used meditation for many years and can attest to it’s many benefits. Even when I wake up during the night, I take three deep breaths, counting to seven and holding for a count of three. In through my nose and out through my mouth. It’s amazing how this helps slow me back down to a restful state so sleep can come easily. So many activities in our everyday routines can be turned into meditation, such as walking for instance. Driving is NOT one of those things though. LOL! Great article, Annie. Thank you!

    • Funny what you say about driving not becoming a meditation! You are so correct. Being mindful while driving means being aware of what is going on around you, the car and pedestrian traffic, what your car sounds and feels like, where you are going.
      Great tip on getting back to sleep, Sue!

  • Veronica says:

    I loved this!

    At first, I was thinking, “What’s mindful meditation?” But as I continued to read, it seems I have engaged in it many times without knowing the technical term. I think it’s easier for me to practice mindful meditation when I’m decorating, or taking in nature. Something as simple as watching the busyness of ants can have me almost hypnotized.

    • I think many of us get into the zone of being mindful, Veronica. I think when we become more aware of what we are doing and how it works for us, we can be more purposeful about seeking those moments. That brings inspiration, peace, gratitude and love into our lives, doesn’t it? Thanks for visiting.

  • Michelle says:

    Hello Annie,
    This is a great article. I am 100% in agreement with ALL that you have written – and for me, that does not happen often when I read an article.
    I am a firm believer that you can achieve a lot more if you just ‘step away and breathe’! It seems that due to the ‘speed’ of our lives, we find that part a little more challenging to achieve. But the ‘catch-22’ is this – if we can ‘breathe’, then things will indeed be ‘clearer’.
    Yes, meditation can help your life and those around you. And especially for our children’s benefit. Thanks so much, Annie.

    • Hi Michelle, Thank you so much for your comments and for visiting. You are a delight to get to know through this wonderful internet, and I appreciate sharing this point of view on approaching life with all its growth opportunities, joys and love.

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