Top Ten Lose Your Belly Fat Tips

Top Ten Lose Your Belly Fat Tips

 Belly Fat is Dangerous

It is so important to lose your belly fat that I wrote this whole post with ten tips to get rid of it…and even a bonus tip.  Belly fat surrounds your organs, and prevents blood flow, carrying good nutrition to your organs and removing waste products.  When you fail to control or lose your belly fat, you can create a toxic environment in your abdomen that can lead to serious health issues.

Tip #1- Don't Eat Too Much

Calories count. When you take in more than you use, you gain weight. How much should I weigh, you may ask. There are age, weight, height charts that you can use as a guideline, but they are really only a guideline. Your build, musculature and activity level all impact not only your ideal weight but also what is the right caloric intake for you.

fast food burger and bacon is not good for a healthy body and dietTypically, women need about 2000 calories a day to maintain their weight and men need 2500. If either reduces their caloric intake by 500 calories, the norm is to lose about a pound a week. If you want to lose some of that belly fat, reduce your calories.

A couple of additional tips

  • drink water – about 8 ounces a day, to keep hydrated and to keep feeling full.
  • eat more protein. If you eat protein for about 30% of your calories, you will feel more satisfied.
  • avoid sugary drinks and fruit juices – empty, fat-belly-producing calories!

Tip # 2 – That Low Fat Diet Makes You Fathealthy MUNA fats are good for your weight loss

Eating fat is good for you. The right fats, that is. The ones you want and should eat with every meal are called MUNA's-monounsaturated fatty acids. You find them in olive oil, avocados and nuts.

Just a tablespoon of oil, or a small handful of nuts or 1/4 of an avocado at each meal can actually help you lose weight. I happen to love avocados, but they can be frustrating to keep fresh. If you want only a few slices, the whole rest of the avocado can turn brown before your next meal. And getting them exactly ripe is a challenge.

A tip – you can find avocado snack packs in your dairy aisle.

Better to have MUNA's- monounsaturated fatty acids with every meal – olive or avocado oil, avocado, nuts

Tip #3 – You've Got to Move

exercise and weight lossYes, exercise helps. One thing it does is to burn calories. But exercise does even more. It improves your outlook on life, and keeps you from craving comfort foods. Getting out for a walk or doing some yoga stretches will help.

A workout at the gym is even better, with some stretching and weight-lifting. Muscle and bone density require more calories to maintain, so you accumulate less fat when you build them.

It has been shown that bursts of movement, enough to make it hard to talk, followed by periods of more restful movement, is good for dieting, and for heart health. A series of sprints in action, for instance, walking very fast for one minute, followed by one minute of walking at a slower pace, repeated five times for a total of ten minutes of exercise is great for your heart and lungs.

Tip #4- Diet Soda Makes You Gain Weightflavored water not diet soda for weight loss

You will bubble yourself to more belly fat if you drink diet soda. Even one or two a day results in weight gain, not the opposite. Artificial sweeteners trigger insulin production in your body, just like sugar does, with the result of belly fat storage and weight gain.

Drink water instead. Sparkling water is fine if you want bubbles. Flavored waters have stevia, which may or may not influence insulin production and blood sugars. It is being studied.

Additional tip: If you want to flavor your water, add berries or lemon or cucumber.

Tip # 5 – 300 Bodily Functions Require This Mineral

It is estimated that 80% of human beings are deficient in Magnesium. Having enough magnesium helps you lose belly fat by making everything in your body work better, including proper digestion.  This is so important, here is a whole post about Magnesium.

greens are good foods for weight lossOne reason there is such prominent deficiency is soil depletion, so our foods have less magnesium in them. Another, for older people is that antibiotics and some other medications cause damage to the digestive tract that makes absorption more difficult.

The best way to take in more magnesium is by eating the foods that are rich in it. These include salmon and shrimp, bananas, dark leafy greens and nuts.

Do you see many of the same foods coming up again and again? Basically most high fiber foods are rich in magnesium. Vegetable/fruit juice drinks and smoothies can be a good way to get the magnesium that is so good for you.

I am not recommending a supplement because the best way to get it is from a healthy diet. If you are really low, which could be evidenced by aches and pains, poor digestion, anxiety or poor sleep patterns, I recommend looking into a Magnesium Citrate Powder.  Check with your doctor to be sure it would be a good additive for you.  Having it dissolved in liquids is the best way to absorb magnesium. For some, it can be mildly laxative.

Tip #6- Adding color to your plate can help you lose your belly fatred pepper and color foods help lose belly fat

Foods with lots of green and red and yellow are high in Vitamin C which appears to help oxidation of belly and other body fat during light to moderate exercise. Red peppers are a top source of Vitamin C as are citrus fruits.

protein supplements and belly fat lossTip # 7- Steak and Potatoes

Red meats have lots of saturated fat. It is good to eat them sparingly, and choose chicken or turkey instead. Other protein sources are eggs, yogurt, and a good protein powder. Josh has done a review of the best protein powders…check it out.

Tip #8 – Avoid Excessive Alcohol

Beer and wine both have calories. Studies have shown that hard liquors which have zero carbohydrates also tend to result i

alcohol can add belly fat

n weight gain. It is worse if you combine it with a diet drink or fruit juices. Cordials are loaded with sugar.

There is a reason belly fat is called a beer belly.


Tip #9- Getting Older Leads to Belly Fatseniors have lower metabolism that can add belly fat

For both men and women, we have a loss of hormones as we age. Men produce less testosterone beginning at age 30, and women have lower estrogen levels beginning at 40. The level can go to zero after menopause. For both sexes, lower hormones result in more belly fat as well as other side effects.

You can have a saliva test to diagnose exactly what all your hormone levels are. A good medical doctor or naturopathic doctor can prescribe hormone replacement therapy, that will help get rid of belly fat, help you sleep better and give more vitality.



Tip #10 – Stress is Fattening

When you feel anxious or stressed, you tend to gain weight. It is not just a result of eating comfort foods either. There are actually chemical changes that take place. Take a walk. Learn to meditate. Exercise. These all help produce chemical changes that counter the bad ones. Ingesting enough vitamin C helps fight the effects of stress too.

Bonus Tip – AVOID PUFA'sAvocado oil

PUFA's are polyunsaturated fatty acids. Most of our foods are loaded with them today. Since the invention of Crisco during World War II, use of PUFA's has grown exponentially, as has the rate of obesity.

Typical PUFA's are oils made from seeds like sunflower oil, safflower oil, peanut oil and canola oil.

AVOID these like the plague to lose your belly fat!

Many olive oils sold in stores are not pure olive oil and there is almost no way to tell. There is no labeling that reveals what other oils in what proportions there are in a bottle of olive oil. Pure olive oil would be a good low PUFA alternative if you can find it. It cannot be used at high heat temperatures.

Safer is pure coconut oil or pure avocado oil, which are both high-heat tolerant. Avocado oil is preferred by many because it is liquid and very light in flavor, while coconut oil has a definite flavor and is not a liquid so not usable in salad dressings. I was delighted when I discovered avocado oil!  I even use it as a moisturizer.

To lose that belly fat, put these top ten tips at work in your life and diet.  Please tell me how you are doing with your comments.  To get this in an ebook with some additional weight loss tips, go here.

lose your belly fat






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Published by Annie Collyer

Annie is a mom of four, a business owner and blogger. She and her husband live in New Hampshire, where they are both active volunteers in their community school district. She writes about designing our lives with proven design thinking principles. Join her in creating the life we each want.

  • Alex says:

    Oh wow! I did not know that the “low fat” diet was making me fat. I will get off of that immediately and eat avocados like you suggest. There is a nice grocery story near me and they have plenty of avocados. They are quite delicious.

    I do have a question though. Besides olive oil and avocados, what other options are out there for good fats? I look forward to hearing your answer. Thank you for sharing and I hope you make it a great day!

    • Hi Alex,  I know, amazing, right?  Yet studies have shown that adding some good fats to each meal helps weight loss!  Besides olive oil, avocado oil and avocados, good fats can be found in coconut oil, nuts and nut butters, and butter itself.  Remember, a little goes a long way.  Fats have a lot of calories, so a tablespoon of a good oil, or 1/4 of an avocado or a small handful of nuts with each meal is all you need. 

  • Parmi says:

    I really enjoyed reading through the article actually! I am still a young guy, and don’t have the problem of belly fat yet. But, I know how important it really is to stay fit and eat good food to make sure that you don’t end up having one. I look at both my parents, and they are both in the stages where they have produced belly fat. I certainly don’t want that.
    I feel the whole content here is very relevant to everyone out there, young or old. One quick question though – you mention about getting a belly fat when you get older. Would you just suggest these tips would help, or is it inevitable to get one even if you do things right?

    • It is not inevitable that you will get fat when you get older.  Having awareness about the needs of your body and how they change will help. Most times belly fat creeps up on men beginning in their 30’s and on women a bit later from body chemistry changes.  When you know that, you can make the adjustments before you pack on the pounds.  Thanks for visiting, Parmi.

  • Jason says:

    Some really great tips here, Annie. I was a bit shocked by the bonus tip, too. I was under the impression that the attempt by the FDA to show us various types of fats in our foods included the most critical ones. However, I hadn’t heard much about PUFAs until reading your post.

    You mentioned “Pure olive oil would be a good low PUFA alternative”…what about Extra Virgin Olive oil? I use it all the time and am wondering if it’s considered the same.

    Thanks for this informative post, and I look forward to reading more here at Annie’s Tips.

    • Hey Jason.  Extra virgin olive oil is not regulated and could be adulterated with any other oils, and probably is.  It is really unfortunate that this is the case because good pure olive oil is good for you.  Try the avocado oil as an alternative.  I think you will like it.  I find it is pretty costly in the grocery stores and in really small jars (small sized packaging always seem to cost more, doesn’t it) so I like to buy it online from Amazon.  (If you use the link to buy, this site will get a small commission and we appreciate your support.  It does not cost you a single penny more to buy through one of our affiliates, and anything else you choose to put in your shopping cart we get credit for, too).  Thanks for visiting.  

  • ariel says:

    Hello Annie, I so do love these tips. I agree with all of them and will look more into the PUFA. Great article and thanks. ariel

  • Paul says:

    Dear Annie,

    Thanks for the post and all the ten tip are really great and awesome. I got some new insights which I can use and also suggest to my friends. Thanks again!

    Your Friend,

  • Michelle says:

    Great article, Annie. My favorite part of all the tips and trick was – stress is fattening – I laughed first and then I thought about it – yes, you have a great point. I don’t think we realize the truth of that statement.
    I use avocado oil as well – for cooking, my skin, and hair. I just love natural products and as little chemical influence as possible.
    Great website.

    • Hi Michelle, Thanks for visiting. I love using natural products too. Avocado oil was a great find for me. I use it as you do. I was amazed when I learned how impure olive oil is, with no regulation at all.

  • Zola says:

    Hi Annie. You article is so well written and clearly laid out. I found so much value in the info you have provided here. I’m especially thankful for your recommendation of avocado oil. I’ll certainly try it out. We’ve been using coconut oil at home but have not as yet explored avocado oil.


    • Hi Zola, Thank you for visiting. Coconut oil is really good. Avocado oil does not have the coconut flavor, so can be better with some dishes if you want to give it a try. I like both.

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