Ideas for Setting Up Home Art Studio

Ideas for Setting Up Home Art Studio

Possible spaces for your Home Art Studio

I am assuming you are not going to build your own art studio, with an addition or a cute building in your backyard, or rent a studio at an artists center- at least for now! So how are you going to set up art space in your home?Can you convert space for a home art studio?

First we need to identify some possible space in which to set up a home art studio. Any closets? We all have too much stuff, right? How about clearing out, and putting some stored stuff in the homeless and needy clothing bin, and making a closet free to use for something else- like an art studio?

You can put some shelves in there to hold your art supplies, a desk or easel, some lighting, and there you go. Even better, you can just close the door when you are done and it is hidden away.

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If you are like me and there are NO CLOSETS in your house, then what? Seriously, our house has closets only under the eaves and we have armoires for clothing! Whoever built this place was not a modern, that's for sure!

art supplies storage basketsFind a corner or a drawer or put in some shelves. You can separate the space from regular living space with a table or desk or a screen. I have a tiny narrow closet in my guest room that had toys in it for my grandchildren – who use their IPads for toys and like to play games and do puzzles.

I took the toys to the transfer station exchange in my town, put the games in a bin under some love seats, and opened up the space.

Now I have my paints, bags, brushes, paint box, canvases and even some frames in that tiny closet. I have an easel – I do not do flat work, but like standing at my easel, stored in a corner of the guest room. I have a studio!

How to Protect Your Good Stuff From Paints

I work a lot with pastels, but I relegate that to the outdoors, plein air. The pure pigment dust is just not something I want to deal with indoors. I do not do oils, because of the odors. My husband is sensitive to them, so I just avoid oils.

I have a friend, a professional artist, who is allergic to oil paints. She uses acrylics like I do. I am not a pro, but it feels good to have a pro prefer, create and sell her paintings in acrylics. So I use acrylics indoors – and out, but this is about studio space, so I will concentrate on the indoor use here.

Acrylics are water-soluble, so they do clean up well if you do the cleaning before they dry. They can be scraped off places where they land after drying, but it gets dicey and risky for your furniture, and rugs. Better to prevent the incident in the first place, right?

I use drop cloths, that are stored in my tiny closet. I purchased them at Home Depot for a few dollars. They are plasticized on one side, not very thick and I drape them over furniture to protect it. I put a thicker one on the floor, also plasticized on one side. If something drips down, I do not want it going through to my rug!

Creative Art Studio SpaceCan You Use a Garage, or Attic, or Basement Space?

Absolutely! If you have that available you can use it. You will need to pay attention to heating and cooling, and to the humidity levels. You will need lighting. If you have the space and can make it a good one for you, go for it!  How about an Art Cart?

Is Art Going To Be a Priority for You?

If you are really interested in pursuing painting, for its mindfulness, its creative outlet for balance in your life, its pure beauty and joy, then you will find a space to pursue it. It is all about setting this as a priority.

Finding a space does not have to be a costly investment. It does not have to take a lot of time. You do not even need very much space. Just do it, if it is important to you.

What If There is Just NO PLACE?plein air artist


If you have absolutely no corner inside your home to paint and keep your stuff, then there is plein air. Plein air is a fabulous way to breathe in nature, to feel a part of all that is.

Keep a bag or a paint box of your painting tools in a special place, a small place in a closet somewhere. When the weather is conducive, the spirit is inviting, pick up your bag and go outdoors.

I have a table-top easel and a portable standing easel that I use. I have canvases and pastel paper and sanded board ready to go, with whatever I feel inspired to do. If you want to paint and create, a handy-dandy bag or paint box can be your best friend!

Your Home Art StudioJust Go Do It

If you want to paint, you can make it happen. Yes, there is some investment in materials. You can find a lot in tag sales, remember. There may be some in setting up a home studio.

But if nothing else works, you can go plein air. No studio, no overhead, no mess in the house. Just a place to store your bag of goodies to go outside and paint, create and commune with nature.

Enjoy! Let me know what you are doing with your art!

Adding the ability to explore art and creativity to your life is so important to exercise the creative thinking part of your brain!  That is a big part of designing the life you want to live.  We have choices in our lives.  Read about Designing your Life in the Free Ebook with the link on the right of this page!




8 comments on “Ideas for Setting Up Home Art Studio”

  1. Jason says:

    Strikes me that finding a place to do art is an art! You’re very right tho; I live in Florida and since it’s so expensive to live down here, my wife and I can only afford a one bdrm, one bth apt. So I had to set up my drums in a corner of the bedroom. There was no other place. So I made that my music corner. Gotta do what you gotta do

    1. I hear you, Jason. Nothing like being creative with solutions.

  2. Anthony Hu says:

    Hi Annie,
    I am not an artist and have a lot of books. I place most of my books in the basement. Thank you for the advice to pay attention to heating and cooling, and to the humidity levels. I haven’t checked those, which may cause damage to some valuable books. I am going to take appropriate actions to maintain good storage conditions.

    1. Hi Anthony, I am glad the environment for your precious books resonated with you. They sound well worth taking care of. Thank you for visiting.

      1. Anthony Hu says:

        Hi Annie,
        Again thank you very much for your advice. I checked conditions of my books, which are all good. I am going to install equipment to make sure that proper condition are maintained.

        1. That is wonderful, Anthony! I am so glad to have given you a tip that will help you preserve your valuable books. Thanks for letting me know!

  3. Veronica says:

    I like to hear and see everything old because each thing or person has a story and that is where the gold is hidden.
    This, of course, includes art particularly portraits, the ability to express yourself artistically is such a
    I will have another look at this site as it has a such a good feel until then

    1. Hi Geoff and Veronica,
      I am so glad I was able to share something with you that inspires you. I feel very strongly that most of us spend so much time on left brain activities like work and details that we need to bring in the balance of creativity and use the right side of our brains. I believe when we use the right side of our brains we exercise them so that we can proactively and creatively design our lives to be the way we want them to be, instead of just passively accepting the status quo.
      I am glad you experience the blessing of art in your life. I hope you will come back and visit, and share how your life design is working!

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