Don’t Buy Until You Read These Best Green Superfood Reviews!

Don’t Buy Until You Read These Best Green Superfood Reviews!

Superfoods are very important to overall health.

They supply antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, that you may have trouble getting enough of without a supplement.  This is kind of Part 2 of my Green Superfood Reviews.

best green superfoods show best choices for your health and wellbeing

The green superfoods reveal great-tasting alternatives for best health

Part 1 covered only the best vegetable-based superfood reviews for the products that have both probiotics and digestive enzymes as well as the great greens. This post covers the ones that are stripped down with only greens, and the ones that are meal replacement. Two extremes.

#1 for Greens Only

If you don't want your superfood to be a meal replacement in itself. If you don't want digestive enzymes or probiotics. If you get your probiotics from your diet and your digestion is good.

If you run into a bad period, like being on a course of antibiotics, or having a flu, you can buy and use some kefir. Otherwise, you are good. You don't need to pay for what you don't need.

If that describes what you want and need, then take a look at Organifi Green Juice.

Organifi Green Superfood Powder is one of the best green superfood reviewsI like having some of the other extras you can find in Organifi Green Juice Superfood. It has great taste with both greens and high-antioxidant berries.

It also contains turmeric, a true wonder drug. Turmeric supports the brain, the heart, the liver which detoxifies the body, muscles and joints, and even helps weight loss and enhances moods.

Who wouldn't want all that?

Organifi also has some Indian Aurevedic ancient medicines called molinga and ashwagandha. It is the only green superfood that has these two, although I have seen ashwandha alone in one other.

So why not? If they have been used successfully for centuries and I get them as a bonus, that's A-OK with me.

As I said, Organifi has no digestive enzymes or probiotics. All the ingredients are organic, as you can imagine from the name alone. It has both whole plant and juice extract of only wheatgrass, with most ingredients being whole plant.

I'm good with that, because I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables during the day.  You can add this to your breakfast yogurt or make up a juice drink or add to your smoothie. You won't be looking to get all your vitamins and minerals from this product.

This is included as one of the best superfoods reviews for when you are looking for organic greens to add servings of vegetables to your day, and you are looking for it to taste good!

The cost is $79.99 for a one-month supply (30 servings), or $2.67 each day. Each serving is 9 grams, and that makes the cost per gram 37.5 cents.

If you purchase a 3-month supply for $184.99, your cost per serving comes down to $2.05 and the cost per gram to 22.8 cents. There are further discounts if you subscribe, for a delivery every 3 months for instance.

If you decide you don't like or want it, there is a 100% money back 30 day guarantee. It is pretty pricey but does have all those good bells and whistles, if you do not want the probiotics, digestive enzymes and protein found in many others.  It's a plain organic vanilla option.

These Get a Lot of Sales

Amazing Grass is lower cost and lower quality. The labeling is vague as to ingredient mix, but it is all organic. You get what you pay for. Not bad for the budget in my best green superfood reviews.

At $21.99 for a 30-day supply, the cost per serving is only 77 cents and per gram is 9.2 cents. It has whole plant extracts, probiotics and digestive enzymes, so a lot for the money.

Another is Alkavision's Green Shield. It is a whole plant extract of several great grasses and natural flavorings. There is no spirulina, which is the ingredient that gives so many green superfoods their grassy flavor. There are no sweeteners, no fruit. It is designed to give you greens and to alkalize your body.

The 1 lb. canister for $49.95 contains 115 servings, making this a best basics buy of 43 cents a serving, and 11 cents a gram. The percentages are not revealed for each ingredient, nor are the grams. The cost to get the canister is low, the cost per serving is low, but there are only 3.9 grams in each serving, so it is not as good a buy as it first appears. ( I know that because I calculated it, not because they tell you!)

Kilea-Total-Living-Daily- Green-Superfoods-PowderA Meal Replacement Best Green Superfood Reviews

The best green superfood meal replacement is Kilea Total Living Drink. This is really everything but the kitchen sink, folks. TLD has everything!

It has 11 grams of protein, takes the place of a vitamin and mineral supplement, antioxidant juice extract greens from grasss, algae, vegetables from both sea and land, the highest antioxidant-ranking berries, probiotics, and digestive enzymes.

It used to taste a little grassy, which is pretty expected since it has so many juice-sourced grasses. There is a berry flavor upgrade now. In fact, Kilea is continually upgrading its green superfood as more research shows what will make it even more effective.

This is an absolutely amazing product when you want one simple solution for a meal replacement. At only 120 calories, it has 11 grams of protein and the vitamins, minerals and other needs to carry you through the day.

You will not need a protein source. You will not need a multi vitamin and mineral tablet. You will not need to eat again for several hours, because this product has staying power.

Did you see where I said Juice extract powder? This product packs a whammy in every serving.

The cost is $97.99 for a one-month supply. If you order with a subscription you will not only get a new supply every month, but you will save another 15%, for a total of $84.15 per month.

That translates to $2.81 per meal. TLD can be a really good weight loss product, with all the benefits of being a green superfood. With each serving 40 grams, the cost per gram is 7 cents! The cost per gram of protein is 25.5 cents, and the 29 non-protein grams cost 9.7 cents.

If you are looking for meal replacement, either to make life easy or to lose weight, this is your best choice.

Oh here is an extra 10% off your order….use this code: STAYSAVE10.

Other Options I Don't Think Measure Up As Well

Shakeology is great-tasting, but very pricey. Major marketing on this one, folks! It is made up of whole plants, not juice extracts, so that dilutes its potency. It has 11 grams of sugars, so it better taste great!

Shakeology is a meal replacement that costs more than TLD. If you are going for best flavor, I recommend you do Athletic Greens with a good protein powder instead. The cost is $4.40 per serving, or 20.9 cents per gram.  Athletic Greens has an offer including a free protein powder that you can check into.

So the bottom line is, this Green Superfood Reviews of Powder with Protein as a meal replacement, perhaps for dieting or for extra protein when working out, then TLD is the one to get. If you want just the greens, then your best option is Organifi. And if you want greens plus probiotics plus digestive enzymes, then check out this review to make your choice.

 Let Me Know!  These Best Green Superfood Reviews are Designed to Help You Choose…

Be sure to check out Part I, and then the summary page.

Organifi for best Organic Greens

Amazing Grass Best Low Cost Greens

Kilea TLD Best Meal Replacement Green Superfood

Which one is the one for you?

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  • Dr. Doug says:

    Thanks for your review of green superfoods. I am going in for surgery later this month and will have limited mobility for a few weeks, including limited ability to make food. What do you think of a green superfood such as Total Living Drink as a meal replacement and to enhance healing? Are superfoods good for that?

    • Oh yes , they are a really good meal replacement.  You want to make sure you have all the protein, complex carbohydrates and some healthy fats with your rehab diet, so do not rely on TLD alone.  It can be a help, but not a total replacement for all meals.

      Be sure to look at your calorie adjustment for lower recovery activity, of course.  You do not want to gain weight along the way.  So maintain the proper balance.  Gained weight is really hard to lose!

  • Norman says:

    Hello and thanks for sharing tons of great information that will really help your readers your post is well detailed and very informative.
    The first time that I have heard of these products but they seem to be very healthy and can really do a whole lot of good to one’s health.

  • Jesus says:

    Your site looks very comfortable, I loved the categories the way they are laid out. The pictures are also very eye catching and the content was very informative. I loved the color of your main page picture it gets right to the point. Then you wrote Annie’s tips which is a great way of bonding with the audience like an old friend lending a helping hand.
    Keep up the good work.

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