Enjoy Family and Friends Activities With Acrylic Paints..Play More Today!

Enjoy Family and Friends Activities With Acrylic Paints..Play More Today!

Family and friends activities with acrylic paints build relationships and joy!

family and friends activities with acrylic paints allow you to paint on almost any surface

family and friends activities with acrylic paints allow you to paint on almost any surface

Acrylic paints are very versatile…they stick to anything when dry, and wash off with water when still wet. You can add materials to the paints to get a whole lot of textures, from a paint like watercolor to a viscous oil. They are safe for children and clean up with water. Play with your family and friends with acrylic paints, and have fun! What about in a holiday season?  Or for a fun party – and get this- with family or with friends?? 

Idea for Fun With Family

Because acrylics are water based, they are safe to use with children! Here are some ideas:

can you imagine the fun of family and friends activities with acrylic paints at a holiday party?

can you imagine the fun of family and friends activities with acrylic paints at a holiday party?

Get small canvases, a basic set of student level paints, and a set of basic brushes for each. Set up a jar of water for each, and some paper towels. Pick out a picture of a snowman, like this one perhaps. I put some links here to help you locate some inexpensive paint and brush options. You can get the canvasses on Amazon, too.  (I will be paid a small commission if you buy from Amazon using these links.  I appreciate you helping me support this website.

You will want to break it down into segments for everyone. Start with the background. The upper 2/3's are snowing with a darker sky. You can make the sky any color you want.

The one in the picture is a greyed purply-bluish color. The darker value is good to balance the picture. Then the snow that is on the ground and the snow flakes in the air are all a purply-bluish white.

You may want to give each participant a paper plate or use a palette and pour some blue and white and a bit of red onto it, and encourage them to mix the sky color and put it on the top 2/3'rds of the canvas with a larger or flat brush.


Then clean off or switch plates, while giving your paintings some dry time. Wash the brushes in the water cups and dry them somewhat on the paper towels.

Pour out more of the same for them, but a lot more white, and less blue and red this time. A little of the pigment goes a long way! I would suggest you tell them to use the flat brush for the bottom third of the canvas. Notice how the horizon has a curve to it for some interest?

And then use the filbert to put in nice fat snowflakes and add some texture to the snow on the ground. If they add in a tiny bit more color to the white they can create some texture and shadow.

Again, let it dry. And using a pencil, draw in the shapes for the snowman. The circles for his body, rectangles and two ovals for his hat. Don't worry about the scarf, and buttons and facial features at this point.

Do you see how the snow sparkles with some crystalline texture? You could add some selenite crystals for extra fun!acrylic paints for safe family art fun

Then some black and red and green, a bit of pink, to add all the features.

A couple of hours of family Holiday fun, and everyone has their own piece of art to hang in their rooms, or give as a gift. Or if you do really tiny paintings, you could hang them on the tree.

A couple of helpful hints: use drop cloths- you can get inexpensive ones from Home Depot's paint department.

Make sure everyone is not wearing their holiday best. While the paint is water-soluable, once it dries it will be really hard to get out of the clothes or furniture.

Acrylic Paint Additives

There are a lot of gels you can use to give different effects with your acrylic paints. To go thicker, use a gel medium. It makes the paint thicker and also increases its transparency by diluting the pigment.

A heavy gel medium will make your paints very thick so you can apply them in peaks and valleys on your surface.

For thinner applications, more like watercolor, water is one choice, But what I like better is using a blending medium. It not only thins the paint for more movement and flow, but keeps it from drying as quickly.

To get more shine, something I like a lot in my paintings, use a gloss medium. For a less shiny look, use a matte medium.

What Else Can You Add to Your Paint?

Artists are experimenting with additives all the time. You can find glass beads and metals that can be added. You can add sand and selenite.

I advise getting your additives from the art supply store, so they are not contaminated with organic matter. It would not be fun to have your painting break down as your additive decomposed! Yuck!

Painting time can be play time!  You can buy a lot of basic student quality art supplies at Michael's Stores for basics or  Blick Art Supplies for higher quality options with these online links.

rocks to paint with acrylics

Other Family and Friends Activities With Acrylic Paints

Now that you and all your family members have a basic acrylic painting set, what else can you do together?

You can buy plastic ornaments to paint. What about small dolls and then paint on features and clothes? During good weather, you can collect interesting rocks and decorate them with paints. Could you make these into a cat for instance?

How about hand prints on an apron. For holiday cooking apparel? Just put your hands right in a small paper plate of paint and use your hand instead of a brush to transfer the paint. As I said, it is really hard to get acrylic paint off clothing once it dries, so the apron will keep its hand painting for a long time.

Art Should be Fun

I think so. I know when I take a bunch of supplies and an idea to my grandchildren, they really look forward to it. My grandson recently wrote a paper for his 6th grade class that he wants to grow up to be an artist like his Grannie. I know that will change dozens of times before he gets through school, and it does not matter a bit. What matters is that he thinks I am a great Grannie and we have fun together.

Try this with your kids or grandkids.  Or throw a painting party with some of your friends and do the same thing.  Painting is fun, creative, and freeing.  Do it.  You will be glad you did!

Let me know what kind of painting party you have and how it goes!

family and friends activities with acrylic paints



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  • Sandy says:

    Wow, there are some great ideas here for a fun family time. I love art and I love making art around children since they’re so creative. You’ll never know how or when they’ll come up with ideas that you can’t even imagine!
    Although I always thought watercolors are safe for children, are acrylic paints similar to watercolors?

    • Annie says:

      Thanks for visiting.  Art with kids is amazing, I agree.  Yes acrylics are safe for children.  They work differently, more like oils unless you thin them way down, but they are water soluble so wash up easily.  Most colors are non toxic- avoid the toxic cadmium colors.  Most acrylic paint sets say nontoxic. 

  • Lauren says:

    This article was very instructive and answered some of my questions I had about materials to use for a similar project I am planning for my son’s birthday party. It’s a great idea to do this around any holiday too. Making art accessible to anyone especially young kids is great as it is not only fun but stimulates their brains. I wonder where to find some nice glass beads!

    • Here are two options at Amazon you may find interesting, Lauren. Search for Medium Glass Beads Texture Gel or Glass Beads Effect Medium by Liquitex. Both are available on Amazon. If you go through an Amazon link on my blog, I will get a small affiliate commission that helps to support this site. Thank you!

  • Jude says:

    Hi Annie,

    These are some great ideas for family fun. I have been away from school for too long and your post kind of rekindled my interest in painting. I actually find it very therapeutic and nowadays with my little one, I can enjoy it with the family without burning a hole in my pocket.

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