Change Your Thoughts and Change Your Life with the Law of Attraction

Change Your Thoughts and Change Your Life with the Law of Attraction

when you change your thoughts and change your life, you use your innate power

Changing your thoughts can harness your inner power to change your life

Manifest the Life You Want…7 Top Tips

Heather Mathews who brings us the course Manifestation Miracle,  tells a story of how you can change your thoughts, and change your life, with the Law of Attraction.

Charlie is a social media consultant using his computer from home to make his living. Trouble was…it as an older computer that failed to work well for him…seizing up, long delays, things that frustrated him day in and day out…

Charlie had his mind focused on a specific computer that he really wanted, a 13-inch Macbook Pro.  He really wanted it – in his dreams.

One day, the old computer just died…Charlie knew he had to get a new one.  He searched online to find one that would work, always keeping in mind the one he really wanted, that Macbook Pro.  It just cost too much.

He found a computer that would work almost as well…it was a compromise he was almost ready to pull the trigger on to buy.  He was soooo close to closing the deal, when it popped into his mind to check out costs for a used one that was what he really wanted.

And he found it!

A Macbook Pro, used for 6 months, at a significant savings from retail.

Just what he wanted, at a price he could afford.

the joy of attracting what you want in life

the joy of attracting what you want in life

Was this just a coincidence?

At first Charlie thought it was…and then another serendipitous event took place that opened his eyes to how he could change his thoughts and change his life…

Charlie had been feeling stuck in his job, not going anywhere with it.

He applied for a job that seemed ideal to him…he wasn't sure he had the qualifications for the position, but he made an application anyway.

He printed the ad for the job, posting it on his refrigerator door and in his home office.  He read it every day…he envisioned himself in that job.

Weeks after his interview, he got a call to tell him he got the job.

His new boss told him when he reported in, that even though he lacked some of the skillsets they wanted, they liked his interview and his attitude.  They decided they could train him in the missing skillsets, and that his attitude was an asset that was valuable to them.

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Is This a Coincidence – Or  Is It Something Else? 

Could it have been that Charlie exercised his thoughts and will to get what he wanted?  Or was it just dumb luck?

What was in common with his getting his new laptop and his new job?

Let me suggest that the biggest common element was his intense focus…

He kept what he wanted at the forefront of his thoughts constantly..

He visualised clearly having the new computer and being in his new job.  He wanted each of these so much, he could feel and almost even taste having them…

He put the Law of Attraction to work for him!

The Law of Attraction is based on our thoughts having power…

Each thought has a vibrational frequency.  When we send them out, they attract the circumstances that match the energy frequency – good or harmful.

When we focus on thoughts that are helpful for us in our lives, we emit the vibrations that will attract those helpful results.

When we change our thoughts, they become a force that can change our lives

This is just the beginning!

When you use your thoughts to attract what you want, you will force the Universe to send you what you want.  Think of your thoughts as giant and powerful magnets that cannot be resisted.  To increase the power, follow these 7 tips:

#1: Give yourself daily focus time

Set aside 5 to 7 minutes each day to sit in quiet, and mindfully focus on the outcome you are seeking.

There are several ways to keep your focus…one of these is by paying attention to your breathing as you also keep your mind on the outcome.  When other thoughts creep in, just notice them and go back to your breathing.

Some people call this prayer, some meditation.  It is all a connecting with Universal Power to attract what you want for your life.

If you aren's sure about how to have a daily focus time, I've got some guidance for you a bit later…

7 tips to use the Law of Attraction to manifest what you want in life

7 tips to use the Law of Attraction to manifest what you want in life

#2: Practice being grateful

Acknowledging and being grateful for the good things that come your way adds to the magnetism of your thoughts.  It's another way to send out a message to the Universe saying thank you – More please!

#3: Allow yourself to believe it can happen

It can be a challenge sometimes to accept your desired outcome, as though you already have it.  We look for proof and evidence of having what we want, don't we?

Consider some examples of people who lived and used this belief and thought force to get the outcomes they wanted:  Marie Curie, Einstein, Nelson Mandela, Nikola Tessla, Ghandi, Martin Luther King…Knowing how these principles have worked for others can help to encourage you to believe they will work for you.

They each raised their vibrational energy to get what they envioned, for the greater good.  They took steps into unknown futures, and used their thought power to bring changes to their own lives and the lives of others.

Growing up can quench our imaginations.  Look at children playing make-believe.  They get completely in the world and environment they create in their minds.

When you get that imagination back, you can create a reality that will manifest, you will change your thoughts and change your life by using the Law of Attraction.

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#4: Don't quit despite challenges

It's reality that challenges will come.  Life is often an uphill battle.

Resistance to getting what you want will always be theres, even as you do everything you can.

What can you do?  Push back

Don't quit.

Keep on doing the focus time to keep your inner thoughts in order.

And take care of your environment…surround yourself with people who are encouragers for you.  People who give you inspiration and motivation to succeed.

They can be part of your immediate circle in life.  You can also find people who have been successful in overcoming challenges and resistance – on YouTube, with self-help lectures and stories for an example.

The universe has an abundance of helpful resources to encourage you…just tap into it and let its power rub off on you.

This power has always been there, and the internet has increased the access to it.

Tune out the negative self-talk

Tune out the negative self-talk

#5: Tune out your negative self-talk

Insecurity, fear and doubt will often crop up in the back of our heads…do you agree they get stronger when the challenges are greatest?

” best give up now before you make a fool of yourself”
“you were never meant for anything”
“what made you think you could change anything?”

If you’re like the rest of us, you're going to have thoughts like these crop up from time to time.  Think of them as wanna be renters of space in your head, acknowledge their application, and then refuse them space.

Pretending they don't exist won't help.   But recognizing the thought occurs, and then showing it the door out, will.

#6: Get rid of the old tapes and programming

It goes deeper than not renting to negative thoughts that creep in..going deeper, we can recognize that we have programming in how we see life and its possibilities.

Some of us are really fortunate to have many strongly positive influencers in our past.   Even so, there are always subtle limiting statements that may have been made from time to time that we incorporated and carry with us.

It helps to acknowledge that not all our self-talk and self-limitations come from doubts or fears in the face of challenges.  Sometimes, we need to make decisions or choices about how we see ourselves, and open up to possibilities that are outside our early programming.

A choice to stop being a ‘loser' and be a wnner instead, can change your thoughts and change your life.

#7: Use affirmations that have energy

Be specific.  Use humor.  Be graphic.  Make them live.

It's rarely enough to say, “you have a lot of love to give.”  Instead, you might try ” I have so much loving energy that the world will starve without it,” or “Without me giving my love, others will shrivel up and die,  or “My love-giving will kick butt all day long for me and others.”

You need to find what works for you…find the right attitude and voice to inspire and energize you and the Universe.

These are the 7 Tips to Help You Change Your Thoughts and Change Your Life

Using positive affirmations in combination with meditation can produce phenomenal results for you.

The energetic thought vibrations sent out to the Universe are strengthened, to attract the energy to give yo the life you want.

I promised you a gift to help you apply the Law of Attraction in meditation…to make the most of your 5-7 minutes of daily focus, I'm giving you a series of guided meditations so that you can manifest all that you want in your life!

change your thoughts and change your life

To have great physical and emotional health…

…to create wealth in your life…

…to enjoy fulfilling love relationships with family and friends…


Claim your FREE gift of meditation MP3 tracks and put the Law of Attraction to work for you today.

Join me in this life adventure of harnessing the Law of Attraction to work to bring you the life you want.  Please share below your amazing stories!



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    • Hi Paul, Iam so glad you are reading about the Law of Attraction. Learning how to apply it in your life is the key to getting everything you want…it’s that powerful when we put it into practice. I will be eager to hear about what you manifest! Thanks for visiting…

  • Anita says:

    The Law of Attraction certainly works and you have explained it here. You do have to find the way of talking to yourself that really works fr you – for the way you think and understand things. Thanks for a great article!


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