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Newsletter Update ( June 22, 2018
Hi Annie,
Did you know that 80% of today's self-made millionaires
didn't become truly wealthy until after the age of 50…?
And, that 21% didn't become wealthy until after the age of
It's true.
Certified accountant and financial planner Thomas Corley
spent 5 years studying the habits of the rich and the
He found that of the 233 self-made millionaires
interviewed, just a tiny 1% had become wealthy before the
age of 40, compared to a whopping 80% over the age of 50.
So this means that we are actually never MORE likely to
make our financial breakthrough than when we are between
50 and 65 years old.
Amazing, huh?
It's truly never too late to start getting wealthy…
All it can take is just a small shift in mindset to get
you away from thoughts of struggle, scarcity and low
self-belief… and towards thoughts of abundance,
possibility, and CONFIDENCE…
… A shift in mindset that gives you the DRIVE and
determination to persevere on your journey to wealth, no
matter what your ‘age' or stage in life.
Because that's one of the key traits of all self-made
millionaires: perseverance.
In Corley's study, 27% of the self-made millionaires
interviewed had tried and failed at least once in business
(to the point where their business collapsed, and they
lost almost everything).
But, they kept going…
… And now, they are reaping the rewards.
Just look at Chris Gardner, the inspiration for Will
Smith's character in the tear-jerker movie Pursuit of
He had a rough start in life and ended up broke and
homeless, raising his son on the streets while trying to
sell medical equipment to provide the mere necessities of
But he didn't give up.
After a pivotal moment in his life where he encountered an
impeccably-dressed man driving a red Ferrari, whom he
found out was a stockbroker, Gardner decided that he was
going to make it too.
He earned himself a trainee broker position at EF Hutton
and put in an incredible number of hours working his way
up from the bottom, all while taking care of his son.
Eventually, Gardner went on to form his own brokerage
firm, and in his 40s, he officially became a MILLIONAIRE.
Later, he even bought a Ferrari of his own from Michael
It's a great story. Truly, if you haven't seen that movie
yet, you should watch it.
And listen, I know it's a pretty extreme example of
someone going from ‘rags to riches'.
But the truth is, you are NEVER too old to change your
relationship with money, and you are never too old to
start growing wealth.
I know I wouldn't have made it to where I am today if I
had let my past financial failures stop me (seriously – I
was once 80k in credit card debt, and now I am a
multi, multi-millionaire).
All it takes is just a small shift in your mindset to
replace scarcity with abundance, and you will find that
new opportunities appear everywhere you look…
… New opportunities to create wealth, increase your
success, and expand your happiness.
So, if YOU want to learn how to create this shift in your
mindset, and adopt the mind of a millionaire…
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Have an amazing day,
Kind regards,
Dr Steve G Jones
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