Recommended Acrylic Paint Supplies Online To Get Started

Getting started with Acrylic Paints can be daunting with the plethora of options that are out there.  I decided to put together recommendations of key acrylic paint supplies online to help you get started. First I am going to talk about some acrylic basics, then about a beginning palette of colors. Finally, I will give…

Best 3D Printer 2019 Review – Read This Before You Buy

What is the best 3D Printer in 2019? 3D Printers were invented in the 1980’s.  They were very expensive initially.  Since 2010, the prices have been falling.  In 2015, the RepRap Project was started to replicate 3D Printers themselves, making them even more affordable. Now there are hundreds of options – so many that I…

The Big Cost of Cutting Arts Education- Maker Space Ideas

Maker Space Ideas can help solve gaps in education for your kids. Education costs a lot of money, and school districts all over the United States are slashing budgets for arts education.  Are your kids being affected? Implementing some home maker space ideas can really benefit your kids. The Cost for them and their futures…

Blend Smoothies At Home With a Great Blender

Review of Best Equipment to Blend Smoothies at Home Smoothies are a fantastic way to get nutrients and fiber easily and tastily.  The cost to get them made for you is high, so for many the best way to go is to blend smoothies at home.  Costs of having them done for you are” either…

Is Vegan Healthy? Vegan and Vegetarian Diet Tips

Vegan Diet – Vegetarian Diet?  Is Vegan Healthy? Changing your diet to eliminate or reduce meat consumption is a big trend today, and the reason is, there are many advantages of a vegetarian diet.  More and more people are anti-meat, or anything to do with animals!  While it may feel right not to eat animal…

What Does Having a Creative Mindset Mean to You

Life since time began has been a series of innovations that spring from a creative mindset. Mankind has always applied a creative mindset in his survival, in his life conduct and in influencing his environment.  Thinking creatively and innovatively is one of the aspects of the ways our brains can work that sets us apart…

Best Protein Powder Review-Many Choices, Best Selection

There are definitely good reasons to have a protein powder supplement in your diet. Because there is a use, even a need, there are a TON of protein powder options out there. I investigated in depth, to help sort out and give you the best protein powder review. Uses for Protein Powder There are three…

Top Ten Lose Your Belly Fat Tips

 Belly Fat is Dangerous It is so important to lose your belly fat that I wrote this whole post with ten tips to get rid of it…and even a bonus tip.  Belly fat surrounds your organs, and prevents blood flow, carrying good nutrition to your organs and removing waste products.  When you fail to control or…

What is a Healthy Diet for Seniors?

Senior Citizens, folks aged 65 and over, will make up 20% of the population in the United States by 2030.  The oldest of the Baby Boomers are already 70.  Knowing what is a healthy diet for seniors can help prevent diet deficiencies from causing health and lifestyle quality issues. Health care spending will rise over…

The Art of Cooking Uses Your Creativity

Cooking schools are Culinary Art Schools For A Reason! Cooking is an art form. The art of cooking encompasses all our senses: taste, smell, touch, sight, even hearing in some cases. To master this art, this cooking that we need to do every day, enhances family life, gives good nutrition to our minds and  …

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