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Annie's Tips gives ideas and resources about
Designing the Life You Want to Lead

Life Design has been studied in major universities for the past 50 years.  
Design Thinking has been implemented more and more often in leading corporations worldwide...

The Results Are Clear....

You CAN design and implement the life you want.

Watch this video...read this post.  Then explore the tips and resources on this site...​

Expand your Creativity Quotient.  

Creative thinking is the part of design that most of us did not get a lot of in our formal educations...kids today are getting more creativity but not all that they need.

The other component of design is
linear thinking, something most of us have been trained in with formal education.  

Put them together and you have a powerful combination to design the life you want to lead!

You will find a lot of information about creative pursuits and resources in the Developing Creativity Quotient Category of posts.  IQ is one thing...CQ is also needed in life, especially in designing the life you want to live.

Apply Design Thinking to Every Aspect of Your Life...

To Your Career and Business

To Your Family and Love Life

To Your Physical Health and Wellness

To Your Spiritual Life and Development

Love and Family Category

The relationships we have at home and close to our hearts help to define the quality of life we have.  

You will find posts here on love relationships, on family life and on care and wellness for Senior Citizens.  

There is information in subcategories -
*Creative Senior Living
*Arts in Education
*Love and Dating Relationships

You can apply creative design principles to your love relationships and to family life.

Physical Health and Wellness

The health and wellbeing of our bodies and minds is a very important part of quality of life.  

We will all age, illness may happen, and death is part of living.  

How we approach the stages of our lives can help to determine how we live them.  

Here you will find tips and resources for healthy living.

Spiritual Growth and Unfolding

A big emphasis is on mindfulness in this blog...Mindfulness is being aware.

The concept of unfolding encompasses becoming all you have the potential of being...

Creative mindfulness is a theme you will hear again and again throughout this blog...
it goes hand-in-hand with Design Thinking.

Explore being mindful and expanding your awareness in these posts...

the principles of mindfulness will help all aspects of Designing Your Life.

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